Summerville, SC Digital X-Rays

At Finkbine Family Dentistry, we want you to be successful in achieving your goal of a healthier smile. One of the ways we do this is by using state-of-the-art technology that makes your treatment comfortable and ensures optimal oral health.

Digital x-rays are a diagnostic technology that we use to keep your family’s teeth strong and healthy. Traditional film x-rays were an effective tool for decades, but today we use digital x-rays, which are superior for both health and practical reasons.

State-of-the-Art Digital X-Rays 

The traditional method for taking x-rays includes positioning a device between upper and lower teeth. This is the film for the x-ray, which absorbs radiation and produces an image of your teeth. 

With digital x-rays, however, we use a flat sensor instead of x-ray film. The process is similar to traditional x-rays because we position the sensor in your mouth. However, the sensor is electronic, not film, and most patients find it more comfortable.

Digital x-rays give us the ability to focus on a precise area of the tooth we’re treating. The sensor captures highly detailed images of the tooth, and the information is then sent electronically to a computer where it is digitally stored. 

Advantages of Digital Imaging

If you want to stay informed about your oral health, it is essential for you to be involved in planning your treatment, and digital x-rays enable us to do that. We can both view the image on a computer monitor, and your doctor can zoom in, highlight, and even rotate the image. When you can clearly see what the problem is, it’s easier for you to understand our findings and why we might recommend a certain treatment plan.

There are obvious advantages to digital x-rays, including increased comfort, improved diagnostics, and the ability to share our findings with you. But the benefits don’t stop there:

  • The amount of radiation to which you're exposed with digital x-rays is small compared to film x-rays. Estimates vary, but digital x-rays generally expose patients to as much as 80% less radiation.
  • Digital x-ray images make it easier for your doctors to accurately diagnose and plan your treatment while giving you a detailed picture of the problem and how proposed treatment will help.
  • Since digital images are stored electronically, they are easily accessible if needed in the future. Your dentist can easily review your history and monitor certain conditions or treatments.
  • Images can be securely sent electronically to specialists and insurance providers when necessary, creating less hassle for you.
  • Digital images are safer for the environment than film x-rays because no chemicals are required.

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Digital x-rays have changed the way we diagnose problems, and they ensure the best possible results for your treatment. If you would like more information about our digital x-rays, please call our Summerville, SC dental office and we will be happy to arrange a convenient exam.