Comfortable Summerville, SC Root Canals

We’ve all heard the jokes and stories about root canals. For most people, just thinking about the procedure creates stress and anxiety. Even those who have never had a root canal react to all the negative press.

However, patients at Finkbine Family Dentistry tell us a different story. Today, improvements in technology and techniques make root canals as easy as an extraction or filling. And, in the hands of skilled, experienced doctors like Dr. Dale and Dr. Megan, you can rest assured that the procedure will exceed your expectations for ease and comfort.

Why We Perform Root Canals

Most people realize they might need a root canal when they experience persistent pain that worsens over time. This discomfort occurs because deep within your tooth is a space that holds the pulp – the tissue and nerves that keep your tooth healthy and alive.

If a cavity or gum infection penetrates into the pulp, you experience pain, and we need to perform a root canal. Without root canal treatment, we will need to extract the tooth or the pain will just continue and worsen.

The Root Canal Procedure

Despite the negative reputation, root canals are a fairly straightforward process that brings immediate relief and protects the health of neighboring teeth and gums.

During the procedure, our doctors use state-of-the-art rotary endodontic technology to gently clear away any trace of infection. When we are sure that the infection is removed, we cleanse and seal the tooth. In most cases, we will recommend a dental crown to strengthen and protect the tooth.


Help for Anxious Patients

No matter what we tell you about the importance of root canals, we know the thought of having the procedure may still create a lot of stress for you. But the team at Finkbine Family Dentistry helps you through the procedure by focusing completely on your needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way to encourage you and ensure that you are completely comfortable throughout the procedure.

If your anxiety is preventing you from getting the care you need, we can help. We offer oral sedation that involves prescribing an anti-anxiety medication that you should take before you leave for our office. The medication won’t knock you out, but it will gently relax you so your worries drift away, allowing you to stay calm and get the care you need.

Call Today to Get the Relief You Need

You should be aware that the problems that make a root canal necessary can be life-threatening if left untreated. Please don’t put off the treatment you need because of fear or anxiety. Let us provide you with root canal therapy in a comfortable environment with our gentle, compassionate touch.

If you are in pain or think you may need a root canal, please call our Summerville, SC office as soon as possible. We allow time in our schedule for emergency patients, so we can usually see you the same day. The sooner we get you in for treatment, the sooner we can help get your oral health back on track.